New DefCon™ Finish Options for 2016

The Xpedition Archery bow you shoot separates you from the rest of the crowd. The colors you fly should as well. New for 2016, Xpedition Archery will be offering a new DefCon™ finish from Fused Guns as the standard “bright” riser color on the Perfexion and as a custom color option on the Xcentric & Xception risers. This proprietary pattern and process are exclusive to Xpedition Archery and sets a new standard for appearance and durability in the archery industry. A combination of bold color and a fading, fine line, honeycomb pattern, DefCon™ is a radical departure from the norm. The matte pattern limbs are so versatile we quickly realized it would be an excellent addition as a standard option in a hunting limb as well.