Xpedition Archery – Remember The Name

I had a great time visiting with the folks from Xpedition Archery the other day, along with Kenny Cuchiara, owner of Arizona Archery Club. Az Archery Club has an amazing facility and if you haven’t been there, I’d highly recommend it. They represent lots of brands, have a well-stocked store front and a climate-controlled, indoor range. Their staff is knowledgeable and friendly.

The folks at Xpedition didn’t get it into their head they wanted to make bows, and then decide to learn about machining. Instead, they were born of a precision aerospace manufacturing plant. Combine that with people who know bows, and the result is a line of products that are precisely built to the highest quality standards, as efficiently (cost-effective) as possible, with the latest in applied technology. What does that mean to you the bowhunter or target shooter? An outstanding bow built to exacting standards, with fit and finish that are likely unequaled, along with features that are well-designed.

I’m an archery novice. I’m not a bow fanatic. I’m not skilled at tinkering, tuning or adjusting bows. I hunt javelina and desert mulies (and maybe elk, someday) with bows. I shoot enough to stay proficient. All that to say “Yeah, I can recognize something is well-built, but when it comes to the nuances I’m lost.” That’s why when an owner of an archery shop raves about a product like Kenny does, I’m convinced. He realllly likes these bows and isn’t shy about it.

You can learn more about Xpedition here: About Xpedition

You can see their line of bows here: 2016 Bows

In this highly competitive business, there is a quiet buzz about Xpedition. They are building their brand smart. They are promoting their brand smart. They are building bows like they build aerospace parts. I think you will be hearing about them more and more…

Oh – and if you’re in central Arizona (or just visiting!) – don’t forget to stop into Arizona Archery Club – you won’t regret it

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