TriState Archery Talks About Xpedition Bows

You may have read one of my first posts about Xpedition archery. I’m continuing to work with Blake and the Team at Xpedition because I believe they’re different, and believe in their product. On top of that, they’re just “good people”. ~DesertRat

Recently James Abbott from TriState Archery in Delaware took some time out to talk to me about his experiences as a dealer working with Xpedition Archery.

1) How long have you had Xpedition bows in the shop? How are they selling?

I have had Xpedition bows in my shop since September. They have been selling great! Mostly Mathews and Hoyts in this area and word has gotten out about this line. Ive had people drive as far as New York all the way to my shop in Delaware for one!

2) What are the qualities of Xpedition bows that make selling them easier?

I let the bow speak for itself. I never try to sell a customer on any product. So far every single person whom has shot one has purchased one.

3) What are your favorite features of Xpedition bows?

I think my favorite feature has been the cam system. The hybrid cams are great, very easy to work on as far as changing draw length without pressing the bow and they tune VERY easy. Another thing i like about the bow is bare bow or loaded they are as quiet as they come and dead in the hand.

4) As a company, what has Xpedition been like to work with?

I can not say enough good things about Xpedition from Blake Davis(National Sales manager) to my sales rep and everyone in between. They have made this journey a great one. By far the best customer and technical support I have ever dealt with. I cant possibly thank the entire Xpedition team enough for how far above and beyond they go for us dealers and the consumers as well.

5) What is your favorite model?

Now now now, honestly I cant say. I personally shoot the Perfexion, Xcursion 6 and Denali. Flip a coin but they all perform like no other bow I’ve ever put in my hand.

6) For folks who haven’t heard of Xpedition, what would you want them to know?

Just because it is not a name like Hoyt or Mathews do yourself a favor and give them a shot. Shoot one and let the bow speak for itself, I promise once you shoot one you will be joining the Xpedition team.

Thanks again to James for spending some time talking about Xpedition.

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