The Tall Tight Ten

The story of “The Tall Tight Ten” began back in late July of this year. We began getting velvet pictures of this buck hitting a MonsterMeal site on top the open ridge of a soybean field. As August came to an end, the pictures did as well. The velvet came off and bucks started changing to their fall travel patterns and hitting scrape lines.

The Tall Tight Ten showed back up in late September on my Browning Trail Cameras at another farm about a half mile away. With the help of Wind Pro Mock Scrape System, this deer became a regular on all of our trail cameras on the west side of this farm. This buck was traveling to the south in the evenings and back to the north in the mornings to his primary bedding area. Another stud of a deer we called the “Split Brow 9”, who rivaled for the top buck on the farm, was on the exact opposite pattern as The Tall Tight Ten.

Between my work schedule and the correct wind, I was limited to evening hunts only. I hunted the property a few times through October. As early-season expectations go, I was only seeing a few does out in the hay fields toward last light. The bucks were still nocturnal and showed up on camera in the middle of the night and going to bed before the sun came up.

As November came along, the Split Brow 9 held fast in his pattern. However, the Tall Tight Ten started to show in first shooting light in the mornings on the north side of the property within 100 yards of our treestand. So the first morning with an east wind I was committed to sitting in that stand.

On November 4, the morning started with a perfect breeze out of the east. I snuck into the stand plenty early and waited on pins and needles knowing the buck was moving in low light. The sun came up and a couple hours ticked by without a deer. Finally, a small buck walked through and slowly disappeared. I waited another 45 minutes with nothing and was getting ready to climb down. I stood up to look behind me for the last before packing it up and the Tall Tight Ten was already within 50 yards and closing fast. I reached for my Xpedition Xcentric 7 and, in a matter of seconds, was drawn back to what would be my biggest buck to date. I let the SLASH Express arrow fly and at a staggering 335+ feet per second at 70# draw weight, the Xcentric 7 put an arrow through the Tall Tight Ten before he knew what hit him.

The Tall Tight Ten went no more than 100 yards and thanks to Xpedition…I harvested a 170 1/8 stud. The performance of these bows is absolutely amazing. A true archers bow to the core.