The Balance of Family and Bowhunting

2017 was a very exciting year for our family. We welcomed our son in May and moved in July to the country, where my husband has dreamed of living since I met him. All of this on top of going back to work in August after maternity leave had me wondering how much time I would have to dedicate to hunting this fall.

October came and I usually get out the first weekend then hunt every weekend after that until gun season the first weekend in December. However, our first hunting season with our son in our lives made things very different. I didn’t get out until a few weeks into the season and wasn’t seeing much for activity when I did find the time make it out.

Finally, on a beautiful November afternoon, I was able to sneak out to the stand with my husband joining me with his video camera. This was made possible by my Mom who wanted some quality time with her grandson so she volunteered to stay at our house and watch over him because my Dad was down hunting on another farm.

After we sat for about an hour or so, a doe started moving across the field in front of us, and not too long after that a buck came out of the wood edge working towards her. I slowly reached for the Cherokee Deer Call and did a quick grunt sequence that caught his attention. Less than a minute later the buck had committed and was running across the field towards the base of our tree. As he approached my shooting lane I drew my Xpedition Xception back than grunted to stop him…and the arrow found its mark perfectly. He only made it about 50 yards and we heard him crash. He was down and my 4-year long buck draught was finally over! An already amazing year just got even better!

Thank you Xpedition Archery for designing the perfect single-cam hunting machine!!