My Favorite Buck!

This will forever be my favorite buck, for so many reasons…

I had spotted this buck back in the summer while pig hunting and he immediately became a target for archery season.

Mike and I put up my stand, a camera and began to hand feed the spot…and soon started seeing him on camera (at dark).

I hunted hard & as much as I could but he would always out smart me.  He even passed through on me the week before but I just couldn’t get a shot (first time I seen him in daylight hours).  I was pumped!

I climbed into my stand, hoping this ❄️ cold weather would get him moving early.  I settled in and immediately seen a ❤️ RED BIRD (my heaven sent messenger).  I FELT my dad and I heard him say “Today is the day, be patient”.

Right before dark, I had about 7 doe under me and as I looked up, I seen my buck about 50 yards out but unfortunately a doe turned him around.  My heart sunk.  He was gone.

I reached in my backpack and grabbed my grunt tube.  I had nothing to lose.  I grunted 3 times…and waited.

About a minute passed and BAM, here he came, on a mission.  I had just grunted my buck in within 20 yards…and the rest is history.

This was truly the most meaningful hunt I’ve had.  Lamar County is some hard hunting and this girl just got it done.

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