Mike’s Ohio Buck

Back story, I’m originally from Northern Ohio, Amherst, Ohio to be exact. Through my years in the army, I would try to come to hunt when I can. Since I retired, I have come back almost every year for last 7. I used to stay with my family but they have either passed or live with me now. The last few years, I stay with a high school buddy named Kevin Zvosechz and his parents. One of the farms we hunt is our 4th grade teachers family farm. The other farm we hunt is leased by Kevin, called Dave Kothe farms. Kothe farms a large portion of Lorain county. This is the same Farms I took Bryan York (Xpedition sales rep) 2 years ago. The land is made of small wood lots, large fields, and wooded river bottoms. Adjacent to the properties Is Lorain County Metro Parks Sanctuary. There are very big bucks there every year coming out of the metro park to private land. I have pictures of 3 bucks killed on these farms this year, to include one with an Xcentric 7 by my buddy Kevin.

This Year my best friend, Chuck Goff, made the trip like he has 3 times in the past. Chuck shoots an Xcentric 7. This year I was shooting an Xcursion 6 set at 71.6 lbs and 29.75 Draw length. I am shooting Blackeagle Rampage 250 with 102 grains of insert and 100 grain Rage extreme chisel tip. Total Arrow weight is 536.4 Grains with Nocturnal red green flashing lighted nocks. Cbe Tek Hybred Pro single pin. Limbdriver Pro V rest. Trophy ridge light 1 quiver.

We started our hunt Saturday morning in the river bottom. We saw a small buck harassing does that morning. That evening we switched spots and chuck saw 4 does and a wide buck at last light. I had 130 inch 8 pt come on a string to a tree I put ever calm on at 23 yards. I let him walk, why I don’t know.

Day 2 We didn’t hunt just did stand maintenance and hung new stands. We also dodged tornadoes

Day 3 We each saw roughly 7 to 10 does and little bucks.

Day 4 We saw roughly the same

Day 5 In the morning we sat together and saw two little ones and a doe. I the evening We changed Farms and chuck saw 5 little bucks and two does that come out of the corn in front of his blind. I saw a fork horn at 11 yards twice downwind from a make shift blind watching the corn field.

Day 6 In the morning, Chuck shot a button buck he thought was a doe. I passed on a button buck and saw a fork horn at 17 yards. In the evening, we went back to Kothe farm. I sat in the woodlot adjacent to 100 acres and Chuck sat in the blind by the corn across the farm. I watched a fork horn walk by at 5 yards a 300 pound 9 inch spike. Grunted in a 120 inch 2.5 year old buck and I shot him. He was on alert ducked my arrow and I smacked his shoulder and my black eagle shatter at the insert. Causing the insert to exit the side of the arrow. we searched that night had great blood backed out searched next morning. He went 200 and simply quit bleeding in a corn field.

Day 7 We had just a few hours to hunt before we had to pack and get back. Chuck was supposed to hunt one stand and me another 200 yards away, but he choose to sleep in that morning. I choose a stand next to the turn pike next to a thicket next to swamp. Through scouting I had identified a buck trail with rubs everywhere in the woods where he would wait till dark. I knew this stand was closest to that thicket. The stand was a double set. That in a 50-year oak tree next to a 100-year oak that 7 feet wide. The stand needs maintenance bad, but the tree covered in poison oak, so it’s been wrote off and its next to the turn pike, for example, last year we hunted it and broke two rungs off on the way down. I knew it was sketchy, and I am allergic to poison oak, but it has a life line. I thought my best shot was to be next to that thicket and hope a buck or a doe comes along. Bucks like to walk next to the turnpike scent checking everything to the north with a north wind. At about 0730 my wife texted and said why haven’t heard from you. I said its 23 and snowing my hands would freeze. After I texted her got the hand warmers out and typed up a thank you fb post to family friends for a good trip. I sent it and was going to give it 15 or 20 minutes and climb down and stalk hunt back to truck. Approximately 2 minutes later, I look up and on the main trail from the field this buck appeared at 34 yards. I immediately see he has wide horns. I grab my bow off hanger, and he takes two steps. I can see he is limping real bad. I was told night before a neighbor had shot at a deer but nothing else. He takes two more labored steps and stops he was roughly 32 yards. I still had not shot due to brush. He was at a trail junction where he could go right and give me no shot or go left to an open trail along the creek. He looked right raised his head and smelled and went left. Taking 5 labored steps. He passed behind a grapevine infested dead tree and I drew. I roughly knew he was 24 yards. He stopped on the other side where I had no shot. I knew he was quartering away but didn’t realize how much. I knew I wanted nothing to do with that shoulder. He starts to take a step, I grunted and he stopped. I settle my single pin that I had set on 20 on upper part of back, about 6 inches back from shoulder and fired. The arrow zipped thru him at 275 fps like a hot knife through butter. He ran off about 80 yards where I lost sight of him. I was standing there shaking know I just knew I smoked him but the arrow was back. I knew the 2.3 inch Rage extreme chisel tip would make a huge cut all the way through him flying with 91lbs Ke and .667 momentum out of my Xcursion. I was standing there in stand a few seconds after looking in the last direction, I saw movement and it was him. I pulled up the binos and could see his legs kicking. I called my friends and family on face time and celebrated. It had been three years of passing on buck after buck since I had harvested a good buck with my bow. I was really starting to doubt myself. I was pumped to say the least. Pretty sure the wife was getting antsy for some good Ohio deer meat as well. I climbed down and went to my arrow, it was soaked with blood! Surprisingly there was only drops of blood for a trail, so I started to follow the buck tracks, still very surprised at the lack of blood. As I approached deer i was worried he might to be alive, so I approached cautiously and circled. I watch for breathing and saw nothing visible. As I approached, I was in awe of the width and size of his rack. Once I was sure he was dead, I did a group facetime video with the Oneshot archery family that we have on messenger and approached him with everyone watching. Including my two year old son, Hunter, saying “Daddy big buck.” The rest is just celebration and hard work. A kicker to the story on the way out of the woods, we pulled the game camera on the stand chuck was supposed to sit. At 806 there was 150 inch huge body 8 pt in front of the camera.

Great thanks go out to Xpedition for making smokin fast amazing bows, to my mom and aunt for taking care of my son while my wife worked this week so I could hunt. Mostly to my wife and co-owner Of Oneshot Archery who puts up with my addiction. Thanks Blake for this opportunity and letting me be one of your dealers.