Meet Steve Hilliard – Xpedition Shooter

I’ve been impressed with Xpedition Archery since I’ve earned about them. So much so that I reached out to them and asked if there might be a way to join their team. You may have read my interview with Blake Davis or even better, my follow-up interview with Blake.

I have an Xpedition Xception on the way, but in the meantime I thought I would catch up with some of the folks that are out there shooting Xpedition bows and loving them. Xpedition Shooter Steve Hilliard was kind enough to take some time out to answer some questions.

1) How long have you been shooting competitively?

I have been shooting competitively since 1984

2) How long have you been working with Xpedition?

I have been with Xpedition archery 3 years now

3) Who did you shoot for before?

I shot for Bowtech, Martin and PSE

4) What made you change?

I made the move to Xpedition because of the people behind the bows and where they were heading. Which is the best move I have ever made. These bows are the best shooting bows I have ever shot.

5) What do you like most about Xpedition bows?

Shootability. I like that all their lineup is built with precision with one common goal – “we don’t want to be the biggest, just the best ” with this in mind each and every bow is sent out to the dealer at exact specs and the cams are laser aligned out of the box making them a semi-custom bow straight from the factory. This results in quick and easy setup and with their R&D all these bows are forgiving and extremely shootable. To the consumer. You cannot pick the best model as they all are, and can be – the best.

6) What makes Xpedition (the company) different?

The company’s vision is to be the best not the biggest; they are passionate in regards to putting out the best bow possible. When you order an Xpedition it comes set to your draw length and cams laser aligned out of the box. They are the only company doing this. Your first impression is important to them.

7) What Xpedition bows do you like best?

I like every model! Honestly they all can be favorites. They have a bow to fit every archer.

8) What’s your favorite thing to hunt?

Whitetail deer is my favorite big game animal to hunt.

9) What’s on your bucket list when it comes to archery and hunting?

My bucket list is several different things. Regarding hunting, I want to take a P&Y whitetail one of these days. Most of all it’s to do all I can to help our sport and keep the next generation as passionate as we are.

Thanks to Steve for taking some time out to chat!

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