Learning More About Xpedition Archery

I’d really like to thank Blake Davis, the National Sales Manager for Xpedition Archery – Blake took some time out to answer some questions and help my readers learn more about Xpedition.

1. How long has Xpedition been in business?

Xpedition is in its 4th model year. For 3 years before that , our aerospace division was building parts for the archery industry. Mainly Risers. Our parent company is 49 years young.

2. Where are you located?

We are located in Yankton, SD as part of a 90,000 square foot facility owned by parent Company Applied Engineering

3. Bows sold nationwide? Worldwide?

48 States and 8 foreign countries

4. Approximately how many employees?

There are 6 Full time employees working for Xpedition, 12 Full time Sales Reps and The Applied Engineering side has over 175 additional.

5. What has been the biggest surprise since going into production?

I would say that the oversupply in the market in virtually all outdoor and archery categories is hard to quantify until you actually engage in the market. Honestly, the market cannot support all of the manufacturers that currently exist unless the market grows. It is super competitive.

6. What is your most popular model?

Our sales are all equally distributed between the Xcentric, the Xcentric 7, The Perfexion, and the new Xception. Together, they are 85% of our sales. It is not our goal to develop a flagship……it is to develop products that fill major category needs.

The Xception by Xpedition Archery

7. As a company, what are you most proud of?

That is easy. The dealer and customer feedback and market acceptance has been phenomenal. Delivering products that develop a loyal dealer and consumer base is hard in a category that has some high quality competition that is supported by great brand recognition. Our growth indicates that we are competing at an unprecedented level in the premium bow market.

By the way – the Xcentric was named “Best of the Test” in this year’s Field Test Compound Shootout as conducted by Field & Stream magazine.

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