Hogs of the Llano Estacdo

The ‘Staked Plains” of West Texas is a vast open area that has many free ranging Big Game Animals, especially wild hogs!  Tex Mex Outdoors, was invited by one of our new Xpedition Archery dealers.  Ray Gutierrez at RCJ Archery out of Brownfield, Texas, to do some Hog hunting and Hombre, they do have the hogs.

I took my XPLORER SS to West Texas Adventures to put it to work against one of those tough wild hogs with Ray and hopefully put a hog on the pit!  We spent the night, before our hunt listening to a 2 inch rain beat the heck out of the roof of an Old Country Club lodge, really a neat place.

Sunrise was cool and very wet! Perfect for spot and stalk feeding hogs in this knee to waist high mesquite brush, plus plenty of Oak, Hackberry & weeds everywhere!  We immediately found lots of fresh rooting, new wallows & huge hog rubs.  Let me tell you stalking wild hogs are a huge blast, with plenty of heart pumping action, after numerous blown stalks for various reasons, we spotted a group of bachelor boars moving to their bedding area, and we got in front of them, down wind.  As these boars moved into shooting range I knew that one of the closes boars was exactly 40 yards, due to my ranging several different locations.  AS I drew my XPLORER SS back it hit me like a sledge hammer, my single pin sight was set on 20 yards and no time to make an adjustment!  I raised my bow and put my sight pin about 4 inches high on the shoulder of the red boar. Aim, aim and before I knew it my arrow was off hitting exactly where I wanted the arrow and mechanical broadhead to go into the shoulder, perfect shot!  The Boar started to spin around and around then walking in the direction the other boars had gone.  Within minutes I found the blood trail, the arrow had gone into the shoulder then angled into the jugular, amazing penetration for a 63 lb bow, the boar was dead within seconds.

My XPLORER SS, set @ 29 inch draw / 63 lbs / is shooting a 420 grain arrow thru the Chronograph @ 285 FPS creating 76 FPE!  The perfect hunting bow, if you don’t have an XPEDITION BOW, go to your local dealer and shoot one you will not be disappointed.

Buena Caceria/Good Hunting

Jim Miller
Host @ Tex Mex Outdoors