Double Trouble

Finally getting it done in Lamar County! Season started out great and then mid way through seem to come to a halt for me! After Heather shot her buck it really put the pressure on. I thought I was snake bit for a while then this happens on this great December morning! As it was getting daylight I had a small, what looked like a one horn buck. As it got a little lighter I could see it had a spike going down the side of his head. I decided to go ahead and shoot it and get my spike tag out of the way and try to get this snake bit curse to go away!  I made a great shot and watched the buck fall. It was early and I had more Gold Tip arrows so I sat there and waited hoping a good one would come. After an hour or so I decided to stand up in my stand and stretch and look around a bit. As I slid up I could see this wide rack buck coming through the vines. My heart started racing because I knew this was the buck I had been after. I slowly sat back down in my stand and grab my bow while turning on the Tactacam for the shot. The buck made his way into range and I waited for the perfect shot. The buck finally turned broadside and I made my shot! Right through both lungs and he took off on his death run. I looked down and I could see two bloody Gold Tip arrows 5 feet apart and I thought to myself what a great morning. I pulled the ole double whammy and tagged out in Lamar County! #thewildlifetv #ishootxpedition #scentcrusher #monstermeal #magnusbroadheads #goldtip #mantacoolers #tactacam #trophyridge #gowildcamo #3dhuntingsupply #lumenok #limbsaver #trueflightfeathers #thewildliferadio #82lawn&equipment