Cold Weather Equates Hot Bucks

Living in south Texas has its advantages, especially in January , one day it can and will be in the 70’s then you wake up the next morning and the temperature will be in the low 30’s, with 90% humidity and a North wind of 10 to 15 miles per hour, you will think you’re in Northern Minnesota! The good news, those cantankerous old bucks will be up running, looking for and chasing hot doe’s.
I was in East Texas, when I received a call from my good friend David Green of Inflight Outfitters advised, get your butt down here NOW! We had a cold front to blow in and the bucks are chasing doe’s. The next morning, I was sitting in a ground blind along with my hunting buddy & Co-Host Wayne Burns @ Tex Mex Outdoors, near a huge scrape. Just as “Magic Time” that’s when it’s getting enough light to see, I started banging my rattling horns together, giving a couple of grunts on my grunt tube, picking up my Xpedition Xplorer SS, with arrow on the string, I was ready!
But, I wasn’t ready for what was to follow, within minutes a huge 10 point buck walked out of the brush along the food plot. This buck turned, walking right toward us as if on a string, all of the time grunting and looking for the fight that was going on. At 25 yards the buck turned broadside looking for any potential buck to fight with. I drew my Xplorer SS, placed my sight pin on the buck settled in, then squeezing my release. The arrow was instantly thru both shoulders , the buck started his death run of about 70 yards in a big circle then down for the count. The buck green scored 173 typical inches.
My XPLORER SS, is set @ 63 lbs, 29 inch draw, shooting a 420 grain arrow thru the Chronograph @ 290 FPS which equates into 78 FPE! If you have not shot an XPLORER SS, you should go to your local dealer and request to shoot one. You want be disappointed

Buena Caceria /Good Hunting

Jim Miller