Barking Dog Blind

The great part of Texas is come February we can still hunt Whitetail Deer on ranches that are managed thru the authority of the Texas Parks & Wildlife. We were hunting with a good friend of mine “Frosty” Miller / no relation. Frosty, a Real Estate Owner has a ranch that has been in his family for 80 plus years plus the added bonus we were hunting in the Llano River Basin, which is known as the Deer Capital of Texas based on the highest Deer density in the nation.

We had hunted this ranch on several different occasions this place was tough, Hill Country cattle ranch, well manicured lots of Live Oak, very little Cedar, lots of grass, water and lots of deer! Big problem, a lot of hunting pressure, this was the last weeks of the season and those deer were wilder that a “March Hare”. We was hunting an area where they were feeding cattle, the deer were coming into the feeding area just before dark and they were “walking on egg shells”

Wayne & I arrived on the 3rd of February and went to the ‘Barking Dog Blind” well named as someone’s dog about a ½ mile away was constantly barking! This Rhino Blind, had been up 2 weeks in advance, it was nice hunting weather High: 54 and low of 48 / 100% cloud cover. The rut was long gone, but the deer were coming to the feeding area and we had high hopes. We crawled into the Rhino blind around 3:00 PM, thank God for good books for the next 2 hours was very slow. Then as the sun started to go down we had deer moving all around us, first the doe’s came into the feeding area nuzzling in the hay that was put out for the cattle. Finally around 5:45PM a nice buck came in and circled completely around the feeding area, this was a really nice 10 point but he would not close the distance! Sunset was 6:12 PM we had a big 8 to come in and circled the area twice, then decided to come to the doe’s. That was his big mistake! I drew my XPLORER SS back, placed the pin right behind the rib cage at 35 yards as the buck angled away from me. The arrow went in thru the Buck like a sharp knife going thru hot butter. There’s nothing like an Xpedition, Xplorer ss bow shooting a 420 grain arrow out of 63 lbs @ 285 FPS and creating 76 FPE. That equates to dead animals. If you don’t have an Xpedition, get one soon. You want be disappointed!

Buena Caceria / Good Hunting