Badlands Approach Finish

In life, there are very few absolutes, but there are a few common traits that are inherent to greatness. The first is the desire to establish a reputation for quality that is exemplified in your products. The second is the confidence to step out of the constraint of conventional thinking. When two companies like Badlands and Xpedition Archery collaborate on something, each company is placing a vote of confidence in the other. Both entities entrust in the other to deliver on their end and at the same time, neither party can be willing to be the weak link. For 2018, Xpedition Archery is proud to provide the Badlands Approach pattern on a premium bow. Xpedition Archery is the first to accurately reproduce the color, size, and detail with the durability and colorfastness that can only be achieved by using dye sublimation. This will ensure that the Badlands Approach Pattern on your Xpedition bow will perform with the rest of your Badlands Approach gear. Plan your Approach. Make your next hunt, an Xpedition.