Xpedition Mission Statement

In any business, leveraging a core competency can create a competitive advantage. When that advantage is supported by an existing focus on precision and the ability to build only the very best, it creates a perfect storm of opportunity.

By purchasing all of the key machined components of its bows from their parent company and 49 year old, AS/ISO certified Aerospace stalwart Applied Engineering, Xpedition Archery maintains a level of quality and consistency unmatched in the archery industry. By applying sound business models to manufacturing, Xpedition ensures longevity of its brand. Having immediate access to the design, set up, engineering, analysis and quick reaction capability of 176 employees who thrive in an industry where excellence is a must minimizes the capital resources necessary to staff an archery company that will rival the most storied brands in existence.

What does this mean for the customer? It means that every employee involved with Xpedition is dedicated to one thing, building each premium Xpedition bow with the care and consistency that every archer deserves. The truth is, every bow is hand built to the specifications of the dealer or consumer who orders it. The cams are laser aligned for optimal tracking through the entire draw cycle. The limbs are hand selected and matched for consistency, quality, deflection, and then shimmed to perfectly maintain cam alignment. Every component is assembled to stringent tolerances. The draw length is set to a measured ATA specification. Peak draw weight is verified. The draw force curve is optimized for a smooth draw and the peak performance that Xpedition bows were designed to deliver and after all of these steps are verified, the bow is tested on a chronograph to make sure the customer gets everything they paid for.

Dealers appreciate the fact that we do not expect them to invest precious resources in excess inventory. Customer Service, when needed, can be an absolute priority. Cost can be controlled. Delivery can be expedited and maintained.  Most of all, it is sustainable and can be scaled to demand without the need to cut corners.  All of this leads to a level of value and satisfaction that can only be accomplished in the rarest of circumstances. Welcome to Xpedition Archery, manufacturer of the world’s finest archery experience. Xpedition Archery. Xperience Perfection.