My Xpedition: Mike Lutt’s Incredible Journey with his Xpedition Bow

Taxidermist in the fall and winter, and landscaper in the summer, Mike Lutt also has a passion for bowhunting. With an extensive hunt list planned for 2014, we knew putting one of our bows in his hands would be a true test. Mike’s bow of choice was the 2014 X-Ring Vll, and right out of the gate he knew he was going to have a great year with the bow.

NEW MEXICO: Mike’s season started out the first week of August in Northern New Mexico for Antelope. It was his first hunt with his new Xpedition bow. It was a tough hunt with unseasonably heavy rain, but ended with a nice P.Y. buck he shot at 50 yards.

COLORADO: The next week Mike traveled to Colorado, where he’d waited 13 long years to finally draw a Rocky Mountain Bighorn sheep tag. Mike was in for a very physically demanding hunt and finally spotted a band of 10 rams. He watched them over a span of a week and finally got them patterned to where he thought he knew what they would do when they started to feed in the evening. He made a blind move above timberline and they came out of the trees just after a rain/lightning storm moved through. They did just what he was hoping they would do and walked right past him. Mike shot this 7 year old Bighorn ram at 36 yards with his Xpedition. He was the only non-resident tag for archery in the unit. Mike spoke of this hunt as “an absolute dream come true”.
NEBRASKA: Up next Mike was able to head out to western Nebraska with his son Dusty to hunt mule deer on a property where they had chased antelope in the past. They had no idea the hunt they were about to embark on. His son had this to say:

“Every hunter has dreams. My father and I are no exception. This past week we had the opportunity to hunt mule deer together for the first time and at the moment I still do not have words to describe how blessed we are. This will be at the top of our memories as long as we live.”

MULE DEERBRITISH COLUMBIA: September rolled around and instead of hitting the whitetail woods, Mike packed his bags for an archery Grizzly hunt in British Columbia. He had a great hunt, taking in the beauty of BC but he only saw sows and cubs and had no sightings of legal bears. One of his encounters was a little too close for comfort, where a charging grizzly attacked him and his guide. Mike and his guide had no choice but to use deadly force to stop the bear.

“My life was flashed before my eyes when a sow with two mature cubs charged to within 8 feet before the guide fired the first round into her chest. After 3 more close shots and being inches from the attacking sow, my guide, my bow and myself survived with only a few broken arrows.”

bears2 bears1

NEBRASKA: After Mike’s BC grizzly experience, October came and he found himself hunting in Winnebago, Nebraska where he had the opportunity to harvest this beautiful 5×5 that he had plenty of history with and trail camera photos.
winnebago_deer-2014 winnebago trail cam

Later that month, hunting his own property in Nebraska, Mike was fortunate to cross paths with this aggressive double main beam whitetail that came into some grunting and rattling horns. The hunt was filmed by his son and will be featured in an upcoming 8 part web video series. You can view the trailer here.

“Deer Year” is an 8 part web series, shot across North America, that chronicles the annual pursuit of whitetails from shed hunting, through the off-season, and to the end of the season in December.


KANSAS: Next up was a public land hunt in Kansas. After a couple of days dodging other hunters and locating some better travel routes, he finally settled in on a great decoy location. As the sun rose in the east the traveling deer started decoying perfectly. He had two bucks circling the decoy as a third buck cruised in the distance. Mike grunted and brought him back into the decoy setup, with shaking nerves Mike missed the first shot high over the deer’s back but his bobble headed decoy moved in the wind at just the right time and the buck puffed back up and circled closer, this time at 15 yards, and Mike’s second shot was true.
Kansas_buckTEXAS: Early December, Mike and some friends headed to southwest Texas to escape the Nebraska winter for a couple days. Mike was ecstatic to have the chance at two great animals, a boar javelina and a classic looking, wide racked, 6×5 Texas whitetail.
javelina-2014 texas_whitetail_2014
NEBRASKA: The last hunt of Mike’s 2014 season with his X-Ring Vll ended with an Native American Reservation tag being filled on Public land in Nebraska. This was a buck that had survived numerous seasons each year and because of the extreme Midwest cold had let his guard down in search of winter survival food. With just hours left in the archery season, Mike was able to arrow this absolutely stunning whitetail.

2015, A New Bow, a New Year, a New Adventure.

MEXICO: 2015 rolled around and we at Xpedition launched our new line of bows. Check them out here. Mike Lutt decided on the all new Xcentric 7. As we do with all of our bows, his bow was set on a draw board, the cams were custom shimmed & laser aligned so everything is set exactly the way you need it. Mike was super excited to head out with his new bow and the first hunt of the 2015 season for him was for Couse deer in Sonora Mexico on January 11th. He tagged an unbelievable Couse buck with a perfect 30 yard shot on a small jumpy target on the 4th day of the hunt. A very challenging animal but Mike got it done.


“Thanks to everyone at Xpedition for a wonderful product and the great support that you have giving me. I have never been much of an equipment guy and your help has been impressive. I am able to go into the field and hunt with more confidence than I have ever had. Because of the way I feel about the bow that I am taking afield my shooting and confidence is at it’s highest level ever. Thanks again!” – Mike Lutt

As a company, we’re so excited that Mike Lutt chooses to shoot our bows and we can’t wait to see what else he has in store in 2015.

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